Scopuly is part of a fast-growing blockchain ecosystem.

Scopuly is a secure mobile cryptographic platform of the crypto currency era. People can safely store, attract, spend, pay, and exchange crypto-currency assets in one convenient and safe application.

In Scopuly, all trades and transactions are performed directly between the participants without the use of a centralized database (which can easily be compromised by someone such as a hacker). Scopuly does not depend on the central server and all transactions (transactions of transfers, exchanges, exchange orders, emission of crypto assets) are made on Stellar blockchain.

Our mission is to provide a reliable platform for storing and generating new crypto-currencies. Scopuly is a decentralized platform for crypto exchange/trading transactions, which is based on blockchain technologies and smart contracts.

With the use of the Scopuly platform, an easy access to funds can be provided to people in all over the world and especially for people in regions with an undeveloped banking system. The mission of the Scopuly team is to promote the creation of an open ecosystem for monetary transactions, which will become a viable alternative to the basic functions of the existing banking system.

According to the World Bank’s Global Integration Database, there are now 2.5 billion people on Earth who do not have access to official financial tools and services.

Scopuly solves problems such as:
– Costly money transfers
– Complexity and safety of trading (digital assets)
– Withdrawal of digital assets into a decentralized market
– Launcing and participating in ICOs
– Reaching the embattled banking inability to invest or spend money around the world and to recognize that blockchain technology is an excellent way to capture and include the largest number of people around the world in the new digital economy.

Transactions in Scopuly are carried out in real time. Users do not need to turn to any intermediaries. Each payment is guaranteed by a record in blockchain, so there is no risk of losing your funds. Due to the peer-to- peer network, the account cannot be blocked. Only the user participates in the transaction. The system has a high level of security. If you follow the standard security rules, it is impossible to crack or breach the user’s wallet. On the platform, it is the user who is the full manager of his/hers finances, not any other third party.

* Scopuly has its own crypto asset SKY.

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